The Other Confession of Guido de Brès

Though Lutherans and Reformed believers may have their differences, this article shows that there was a time when they were close allies. It does this by looking at the effort of Guido de Brès in trying to unite the Reformed and Lutherans together, pointing out that when he wrote Article 29 of the Belgic Confession about the false church, Lutherans were not considered as part of this category.

Biblical Womanhood: The Place of the Woman in Creation and Recreation

To understand the position of a woman in the church one must consider the story of creation, fall, and recreation. This is the direction God gives in 1 Timothy 2:11-15. Hence this article shows that in salvation Christ saves also the womanhood of a woman, placing her in a submissive position and not in leadership.

“He’s Just a Little-Bitty Baby”: A Look at the Structure of the Covenant of Grace

Infant baptism is rooted in the covenant of God. The covenant of the Old and New Testament share the same structure; namely, it is a spiritual covenant which points to God's grace and embodies promise and responsibility. This understanding of the covenant necessitates infant baptism.

Infant Baptism: Should We Agree to Disagree?

Looking at the difference positions held by credobaptists and paedobaptists, this article examines whether there is a possibility of uniting together while maintaining differences. The author concludes that "agreeing to disagree" is not the way to go. Infant baptism is a major doctrine, is intricately related to many other doctrines, and cannot be compromised.

Young Offenders Act in the Church

On the other hand, if people fully expect me to behave irresponsibly, perhaps I will. If there really is an unspoken Young Offenders' Act in the church, what is there to lose? If sin has no consequences, why strive for purity and holiness? I can do what I want and nothing happens anyway. I can do what I want and all will still be well with God, with parents and with church. Especially young people might say: "O, I plan to live quite differently when I'm twenty or when I get married."

Good Friday: God's Incomprehensible Love for Lost Sinners

On the day which we call Good Fri­day, at noon, suddenly the light of day faded away. The darkness at noon was specifically for Jesus Christ. Or rather, it was an act of God against Him. This article is about the darkness at the crucifixion and Jesus Christ being forsaken by God. The author also looks at Jesus Christ as our righteousness and Psalm 22.