"Christianity is Antiquated": A Human Response to a Divine Quality

Is Christianity outdated in its answers for mankind's problems? No. God's Word is still relevant, and will remain relevant and true for any age. This is so because the Word depends on God's character, who gave this Word. God's character is eternal, unchanging and true, and therefore His Word is eternal, unchanging and true for all times.

Christian Apologetics Past and Present – Martin Luther

The purpose of this volume is to provide primary sources from important authors with an apologetic concern. Chapter 1 provides an excerpt from Martin Luther, Concerning Christian Liberty (or On Christian Freedom), written in 1520. This work extols one of Luther’s central theological themes: justification by grace through faith. The excerpt is preceded by an introduction to the historical and theological context in which the work of Luther appeared.

Revelation and Reason – Resurrection, Proof, and Presuppositionalism: Acts 17:30-31

What is the relationship between revelation and reason in apologetics? What is the role of revelation when biblical veracity itself is under attack? These concerns are major aspects of this chapter. The basic argument of this chapter is that the apostle Paul’s gospel of the resurrection functions as proof of final judgment in Acts 17:31. Paul’s argument depends on revealed categories derived from redemptive history.