Appearing in God's Presence: Liturgy and the Worship Service I

This article discusses various matters pertaining to the worship service. It explains that such a service falls within God's covenant and is a celebration of it. It goes into some detail on what the liturgy is, as well as the origins of the Reformed liturgy. Finally, it describes the so-called liturgical movement, a phenomenon in the 1800s.

Who Initiates the Covenant?

This article establishes from Scripture that God alone establishes the covenant between him and his people. It also explains how the Lord often chooses people most unlikely to succeed on their own. It goes on to show how an understanding of God’s initiative helps us to appreciate the meaning of his revealed name, Yahweh, and how also the Lord Jesus applied the name to himself. In Christ the reality of the covenant finds its fulfillment and perfection.

Kingdom through Covenant – The Importance of Covenants in Biblical and Systematic Theology

The idea of covenant is fundamental to the message of the Bible. The purpose of Chapter 1 is to demonstrate just how central the covenants are. Correctly relating the different covenants is central to doing good theology. The authors deliberately distance themselves from classic Reformed covenantal theology. For them “kingdom through covenant” is the central message of the story of the Bible.