Servant of God's Word: The Office of Minister

This article discusses the office in general terms, and particularly the office minister. It pays attention to how the office is described in the "Form for the Ministers of the Word" and the "Form for the Missionaries of the Word," which are frequently used in the Continental Reformed tradition. It concludes with some discussion questions.

The Seal and Testimony of God's Grace: Baptism

What is baptism, and what does it mean to be baptized? This article discusses how we are to understand this testimony of God's grace, and what we are to do with it. Along the way it gives some attention to the liturgical baptism forms" used in Continental Reformed churches. It also discusses the differences of opinion over infant baptism, and what it has meant to various groups in the Reformed tradition that infants are sanctified in Christ.

The Second Key: Church Discipline

This article discusses the second key of the kingdom that Christ has entrusted to his church, that of church discipline. It considers how the writings of the church (confessions, liturgical forms, Church Order) repeatedly emphasize the importance of discipline. It goes on to consider what exactly church discipline is, how Scripture speaks about practicing it, and its purpose.

Appearing in God's Presence: Liturgy and the Worship Service I

This article discusses various matters pertaining to the worship service. It explains that such a service falls within God's covenant and is a celebration of it. It goes into some detail on what the liturgy is, as well as the origins of the Reformed liturgy. Finally, it describes the so-called liturgical movement, a phenomenon in the 1800s.

At the Table of the Covenant: The Lord's Supper

This article considers various aspects of the Lord's Supper. As an institution of Christ, it is a meal of remembrance, proclaims the death of Christ, prompts expectation for the future, and is a communal meal. The article also considers the "Forms for Lord's Supper" as used by various churches in the Continental Reformed tradition. It ends with some discussion questions.

On the Road to Maturity: Public Profession of Faith

This article discusses the topic of public profession of faith, especially as it is outlined in the Continental Reformed "Form for Profession of Faith." The article considers what is profession of faith, the connection between profession and baptism, profession and Lord's Supper, and the path toward profession (by means of education). It discusses when to make profession of faith, and what should follow such a profession.

Peace Through Order: The Church Order

This article reflects on the Church Order of Dort. It considers what a church order is, how it functions, what are its aims, and other, non-Reformed systems of church ruling, particularly the hierarchical and independentistic (congregationalistic) systems. It goes on to discuss the content of the Church Order. It ends with some discussion questions on the material.