Profession of Faith and Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Profession of faith marks the beginning of spiritual warfare. As a soldier of Christ, a Christian has to face and fight against his enemies, the devil, the world, and one's own sinful flesh. This article looks at these three enemies of a Christian, and how a Christian can continue in faith even when at times he may fall into sin.

Profession of Faith, Self-Examination and the Lord’s Supper

Profession of faith opens the door to participation in the Lord’s Supper. Yet the call is that one who is eligible to participate must do so in a worthy manner. That calls for self-examination. This article explains that those partaking in Holy Communion should examine themselves in three areas: misery, deliverance and gratitude.

Response to Your Baptism: Chapter 10 – We Want to Serve the LORD

This article discusses the third question in the Continental liturgical form for profession of faith, "Do you declare that you love the Lord God and that it is your heartfelt desire to serve him according to his Word?" It shows the difference between slavery and loving service, and how thankfulness is essential to the Christian life.

Response to Your Baptism: Chapter 4 – Taught Here in This Church

This article explains the background to the phrase in the Continental liturgical form for profession of faith that calls for agreement with the doctrine "taught in this Christian church." The article states that the church is to be found where the teaching of Scripture is maintained. It provides a synopsis of the debate in the sixteenth century regarding this very matter, between Catholics and Protestants.

Response to Your Baptism: Chapter 3 – Doctrine and Life

This article considers the first question in the liturgical form for profession of faith used in the Continental tradition, "Do you wholeheartedly believe the doctrine of the Word of God, summarized in the confession and taught here in this Christian church?" It explains that "doctrine" is the teaching of the Lord, and how it is as important as lifestyle.

On the Road to Maturity: Public Profession of Faith

This article discusses the topic of public profession of faith, especially as it is outlined in the Continental Reformed "Form for Profession of Faith." The article considers what is profession of faith, the connection between profession and baptism, profession and Lord's Supper, and the path toward profession (by means of education). It discusses when to make profession of faith, and what should follow such a profession.

Profession of Faith – Not an Initiation Rite Baptised Children are Not Inferior Members

This article shows that just like in the Old Testament it was circumcision that made one a part of God’s people, baptism in the New Testament makes one a member of God’s church. Public profession of faith is a vow of commitment to our Lord as a result of his covenant grace and faithfulness to us, and not a qualification for church membership.