Private Faith?

If a Christian today can feel like such a stranger in his community, should he then hold to a private faith? This article addresses this question, and explains that if you allow your faith to be pushed to the private sphere, it will have a massive impact on your life as a whole. Ultimately, private faith is no faith. The only defensible answer to secularization is to let one's faith permeate all of his life.

He Who Has Ears…

How well do you hear the Word of God? This article considers the modern-day challenges to our hearing the Word well, whether in church or in the home. It highlights the thought patterns of many toward certain parts of Scripture that are deemed less relevant for the church today. It offers some methods of reading Scripture in order that one can gain a renewed appreciation for all parts of the Bible.

The Office Bearer Is Only Human

This article shows that the life of an office bearer plays a huge role in the ministry. Though the ministry is all about God, and the Holy Spirit uses the office bearer to reach out to others, this does not nullify the office bearer's life. The office bearer can use his life as a means to share the gospel in three areas: his relationship with God, himself, and others.