Preaching Made Practical - The Nature of a Sermon

This book provides practice guidelines around preaching. The first chapter focuses on the nature of the sermon (What is a sermon?). The author defines the sermon as the "official, ministerial, public proclamation, explanation, illustration and application of the Word of God written as it reveals Christ to the church and to the world."

The Preacher as Listener: The Role of the Hearer in the Preaching of the Gospel

The standard approach to preaching has always been the explanation and application of Scripture. This article discusses new homiletics, a new approach to preaching. The author discusses the role of the preacher in these two methods, and draws conclusions about which method is better.

Redemptive-Historical Preaching Over Against Various Forms of Modern Exemplarism

This article shows the way exemplary preaching does injustice to scripture by discussing its use under liberation theology, theology of revolution, and feminism. The author shows that redemptive historical preaching is what should be emulated by pastors, since it is preaching that truly seeks to do justice to God's revelation throughout history.