Calvin on Piety: Practical Dimensions

Though John Calvin’s conviction was that God uses the church to nurture Christian growth, he did not see this as undermining the need for personal piety. Piety must also be cultivated personally. This article shows how Calvin saw prayer, repentance, self-denial, cross-bearing, meditation on the future life, and obedience as essential for the development of personal piety.

Pastoring the Dying and the Mourning

Pastors and elders have to visit the dying. This article shares guidelines on pastoring the dying and the mourning. It explains the need for visitation and how it should be done. The author also discusses how to conduct the funeral and comfort the family after the funeral. Essential to this is the ability of the elders and minister to point to Christ as the true Comforter.

Familiar Conversation with God: Calvin on Prayer Calvin on Prayer

John Calvin understood prayer to be the communion of men with God by which, having entered the heavenly sanctuary, they appeal to him in person concerning his promises, in order to experience that what they believed was not in vain. This article discusses the purposes and method of prayer, rules of prayer, Trinitarian focus of prayer, and perseverance in prayer.