Familiar Conversation with God: Calvin on Prayer Calvin on Prayer

John Calvin understood prayer to be the communion of men with God by which, having entered the heavenly sanctuary, they appeal to him in person concerning his promises, in order to experience that what they believed was not in vain. This article discusses the purposes and method of prayer, rules of prayer, Trinitarian focus of prayer, and perseverance in prayer.

A Puritan Theology – The Puritans on Union with Christ, Justification, and Regeneration

How does regeneration and the believer’s justification by faith relate to the believer’s union with Christ? Chapter 30 explores how the Puritans answered this question. The authors consider the chief blessing that Christians receive, faith, and thus union with Christ as it relates to the ordo salutis (order of salvation).

Calvin for Today – Twelve Reasons Calvin Is Important Today

Why is John Calvin important today? What did he teach and does that encourage remembrance in the church of Jesus Christ? Beeke identifies twelve roles of Calvin that make him relevant for the church today: his role as educator, socio-theologian, evangelist, pastor, pietist, commentator, churchman, trinitarian, preacher, Christian, theologian, and exegete.

Reformation Heroes – Peter Waldo (c. 1140-c. 1217)

Chapter 1 treats the life and times of Peter Waldo (c. 1140-1217). He was a wealthy merchant who lived in Lyons,  France. Waldo learned that he could approach God through the Mediator, Jesus Christ. Some of Waldo’s followers worked to spread the gospel and were persecuted. A remnant of his followers were later called “the Waldensians.”