To the Ends of the Earth – "For God So Loved the World": John Calvin's Missional Exegesis

In this chapter Haykin reveals John Calvin's approach to Scripture and theology that was clearly pro-missions and pro-evangelism. While Calvin was concerned more directly with purifying the church than initiating a worldwide missions movement, his interpretation of the Bible was consistent with a free proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of the lost.

Faith in the Face of Apostasy – Christians and the Old Testament

In Chapter 1 the author wants to encourage Christians to read the Old Testament as part of their heritage. To facilitate the reading and understanding of the Elijah and Elisha narratives, he encourage his readers to take note of at least three different historical horizons that intersect in these narratives. The first horizon is the historical background of the incidents. The next horizon is the historical background of the author. A third horizon is later biblical interpretation (e.g., Matthew 11:14.