Receiving a Blessing: Giving a Blessing Laying On of Hands

May we bless one another and also bless God? Does this place the biblical blessing in the human sphere instead of leaving the blessing to God? What exactly is the content of God’s blessing? Who may pronounce the blessing and what does that mean? This article explores these issues by listening to God’s Word. The author shows how God blessed his people and how his people blessed one another in his name. Blessing is always based on God’s promises and cannot be a magic formula.

Visitation in the Christian Congregation

This article explains that while visitation in the congregation is first of all a task of the office-bearers, it is by no means a task limited to them. The congregation as a whole shares this calling, in the office of all believers. The author outlines key elements that need to characterize a house visit, whether done by office-bearers or members in general.

How the Church Becomes Visible

How is the church made known beyond its four walls? This article addresses this question, discussing personal evangelism and then the possibility of neighbourhood Bible groups. It clarifies that such groups would consist primarily of members of the same congregation before including others from the neighbourhood. The author outlines some dangers with such groups, but also the biblical foundation for them. It offers some suggestions on how to organize such groups.