The Church as a Body as God Has Arranged When it comes to the church, we may think globally (catholic), but we must act locally

In 1 Corinthians 12 God compares his church to a body. Why is this important? This article explains that it calls believers as members of the church to act locally, and to follow God’s leadership where he places them. It then applies these principles to two scenarios for deciding on church membership.

Profession of Faith – Not an Initiation Rite Baptised Children are Not Inferior Members

This article shows that just like in the Old Testament it was circumcision that made one a part of God’s people, baptism in the New Testament makes one a member of God’s church. Public profession of faith is a vow of commitment to our Lord as a result of his covenant grace and faithfulness to us, and not a qualification for church membership.

Membership in the Local Church: A Biblical Perspective

What does church membership all entail? This article offers some biblical principles: the individual/family thereby expresses willing submission to the local eldership; membership is in the local church, not denomination; membership transfer means requesting release from care of the elders of one church in favour of another; membership involves doctrinal commitment; and it is a visible testimony of commitment.