Revolutions in Worldview – Enlightenments and Awakenings: The Beginnings of Modern Culture Wars

The goal of this volume is to present the worldview characteristic of different periods of Western thought. Chapter 8 explores the life and worldview of the 18th century Enlightenment as it took shape in various countries accompanied by spiritual awakenings.

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? – Religious Epistemology, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, and Critical Biblical Scholarship

In Chapter 1 the author first offers his readers a sketch of some important recent work in religious epistemology (theory of knowledge). Next he relates that recent work to some relevant issues in critical biblical scholarship. In the third place the author engages with the work of some representative proponents of critical biblical scholarship.

Delighting in the Law of the Lord – The Good Life: Found in Christianity or Postmodernism?

In Chapter 2 Barrs first considers how the past century witnessed a loss of biblical content to people’s views of God, truth, and moral convictions. Two views are considered: a Christian (traditional) view (morality and law are fixed and eternal) and a postmodern view (morality and law are constantly open to change). Questions for personal reflection and group discussion are at the end of the chapter.