This article considers the history and theology of Mormonism. It offers an account of the life of Joseph Smith, then an outline of the Book of Mormon, followed by some further history of the movement, the story of Brigham Young, and then a discussion of some of the important doctrines. It offers a separate section on the matter of polygamy in Mormonism, and concludes with a suggestion on how to approach Mormons.

Who Initiates the Covenant?

This article establishes from Scripture that God alone establishes the covenant between him and his people. It also explains how the Lord often chooses people most unlikely to succeed on their own. It goes on to show how an understanding of God’s initiative helps us to appreciate the meaning of his revealed name, Yahweh, and how also the Lord Jesus applied the name to himself. In Christ the reality of the covenant finds its fulfillment and perfection.

“He’s Just a Little-Bitty Baby”: A Look at the Structure of the Covenant of Grace

Infant baptism is rooted in the covenant of God. The covenant of the Old and New Testament share the same structure; namely, it is a spiritual covenant which points to God's grace and embodies promise and responsibility. This understanding of the covenant necessitates infant baptism.