With Reverence and Awe – The Church and the World

Chapter 1 is an exposition of Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 21, Q&A 54. The authors seek to understand from the Catechism what the relationship between the church and the world is in worship. Should the aim of the church be to make worship accessible to the world? Should worship be one occasion where the church displays her otherworldliness?

With Reverence and Awe – Sound Doctrine and Worship

Christians are increasingly divided over how they ought to worship God. There is significant confusion about the nature, purpose, and practice of worship. Questions that arise are, What do we expect from worship? Can we discern between good and bad worship? Is there such a thing as bad worship? How would we recognize it? The burden of the Introduction in this book is to demonstrate that how worship inevitably follows from our theological convictions.

Van Til the Controversialist

This article is about Cornelius van Til the Controversialist. The nickname is based on an article that he published in 1976 entitled Calvin the Controversialist, which took on a subtle autobiographical character. Van Til developed and championed a presuppositional approach to the defense of the faith. He was consistent in affirming a Reformed doctrine of the church, and that, above all, is what rendered his work controversial.