Inerrancy and Worldview – How Can Only One Religion Be Right?

Are all religions at heart the same? Can there be only one true religion? The author reflects upon these questions in Chapter 1. Part of this reflection explains the relevance of people’s assumptions about truth. People’s basic assumptions about the nature of the world fit together to form a worldview.

Life's Biggest Questions – What Does It Mean to Know and Love God?

A meaningful relationship with God is dependent on knowing God. Love for and knowledge of God go hand-in-hand. The emphasis of this chapter is that loving God means loving truth. It further explains a theological method and process that have as goal to explain how the Christian faith is relevant to different aspects of the Christian life.

Speaking the Truth From Your Heart

Psalm 15 provides a standard for how Christians ought to speak. In this article, the author shows how Christians can be dishonest through flattery, being disingenuous, and avoiding direct personal talk. Speaking the truth begins with knowing the objective truth; namely, Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus makes us aware that our words are spoken in the presence of God, who judges our hearts.