Delighting in the Law of the Lord – The Good Life: Found in Christianity or Postmodernism?

In Chapter 2 Barrs first considers how the past century witnessed a loss of biblical content to people’s views of God, truth, and moral convictions. Two views are considered: a Christian (traditional) view (morality and law are fixed and eternal) and a postmodern view (morality and law are constantly open to change). Questions for personal reflection and group discussion are at the end of the chapter.

Same Lake, Different Boat – On Truth: The Four Missing Words

Chapter 1 explores three different views as to what is true about the nature of disability and about the nature of our world at large: the historical view (disability is an abnormal part of life in a normal world), the postmodern view (disability is a normal part of life in a normal world), and the biblical view (disability is a normal part of life in an abnormal world).