Delighting in the Law of the Lord – The Good Life: Found in Christianity or Postmodernism?

In Chapter 2 Barrs first considers how the past century witnessed a loss of biblical content to people’s views of God, truth, and moral convictions. Two views are considered: a Christian (traditional) view (morality and law are fixed and eternal) and a postmodern view (morality and law are constantly open to change). Questions for personal reflection and group discussion are at the end of the chapter.


Expressing one’s conviction in the area of morality, ethics and religion in public is becoming more difficult by the day. The gospel of tolerance has moved conviction to the private life of each individual. This article shows Christians how to live in times where expressing a conviction in public may result in personal attacks. The author looks at the nature of Christian convictions and areas where conviction is needed today.

Is Sandusky Really Such a Bad Guy After All?

This article looks at the relationship between sexual freedom, sexual violence, morality, and evolution. How do we decide what is right and wrong? The author shows that if we reject God's standards, we are left with only pragmatic arguments - the ethics of consequences. This article shows that true freedom is found by delighting in God's law and His gracious forgiveness.