Inerrancy and Worldview – How Can Only One Religion Be Right?

Are all religions at heart the same? Can there be only one true religion? The author reflects upon these questions in Chapter 1. Part of this reflection explains the relevance of people’s assumptions about truth. People’s basic assumptions about the nature of the world fit together to form a worldview.

Living at the Crossroads – Gospel, Story, Worldview, and the Church's Mission

This volume is about worldview. This is a concept that emerged in the European philosophical tradition. As a concept it wants to enable believers to understand more faithfully the gospel and to live more fully in that story. In Chapter 1 the authors indicate how a Christian worldview starts with the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The gospel is an announcement of the story about where God is moving the history of the whole creation.

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? – Religious Epistemology, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, and Critical Biblical Scholarship

In Chapter 1 the author first offers his readers a sketch of some important recent work in religious epistemology (theory of knowledge). Next he relates that recent work to some relevant issues in critical biblical scholarship. In the third place the author engages with the work of some representative proponents of critical biblical scholarship.