The Lost History of Early Christianity

When one thinks about the Middle East, often Islam comes to mind as the dominant religion. Has it always been like that? In this article the author reveals how the mission work of the early church spread through the East and how Christianity was dominant there. Lessons are drawn on why Christianity declined. This is an article to read to learn the other side of church history.

The Ethics of the Early Church: What Can We Learn?

The ethical life of the early Church was embedded in an understanding of the love of Christ for His church. The early Church Christians reflected this love in their relationships with each other. They did not have an entirely separate ethical conduct, but rather lived their lives within the structures of society empowered by the love of Christ. Can the church today learn from this?

Theologians You Should Know – Only Let Me Reach Jesus Christ: The Apostolic Fathers

Chapter 1 introduces the apostolic fathers. Their writings are the most important for understanding the first generations after the apostles. Chapter 1 introduces a number of authors who wrote from around the end of the first century to the middle of the second.