Do New Members Have to Adjust Themselves to Our Reformed Ways, or Do We Have to Adjust Our Church Life to Them?

When new members join a Reformed church, who needs to adjust, they or the church? This article discusses the question, looking at the matter of tradition, and from there demonstrating that it is not always wrong to go against a respectable tradition.

Sola Scriptura: Anarchy?

Does the principle of sola scriptura lead to anarchy, where everyone believes what seems right to them and clai that their beliefs are scriptural? This article addresses this question by considering how the Bible was regarded by the Reformers, in contrast to the Anabaptists and the Roman Catholics. The Reformation indicated that the Bible is its own interpreter, as opposed to tradition determining Scripture's meaning.

Faithful to Scripture and Confession Today

Looking at the changing character of the world and context in which Christians find themselves, this article considers what it means to be faithful to Scripture and confession. Arguing for the normative character of Scripture, this article shows how it relate to confession and tradition, and points to the way of working with Scripture in its context and the confession in our context.