Spiritual and Secular Power in Christianity and Islam

How have Christians and Muslims framed their profession that, respectively, God or Allah is King over all of life? This article addresses this question, first by surveying the relationship between church and government on the one hand, and mosque and government on the other.

The Lost History Of Early Christianity

When one thinks about the Middle East, often Islam comes to mind as the dominant religion. Has it always been like that? In this article the author reveals how the mission work of the early church spread through the East and how Christianity was dominant there. Lessons are drawn on why Christianity declined. This is an article to read to learn the other side of church history.

European Islam – Threat and Challenge The call of the minaret in European history

After demonstrating the mission of Islam to make Europe an area of peace, this article shows that Islam brings with it a threat and a challenge. Through the doctrine of the Trinity, infant baptism, and the Christian view of the oneness of life, this article shows that the answers that Muslims seek are found here. Hence Christians must reach out to Muslims.

Exclusivists With an Inclusivist Attitude: Basic Principles With Regard to the Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians

While Islam and Christianity are exclusive in nature, this article shows that being exclusive should not hinder a dialogue, but facilitate it. This article provides some principles which should guide such a dialogue between Christians and Muslims.