Mission as Hermeneutic for Scriptural Interpretation

This article suggests one way to read the Bible, which would call for reading Scripture with mission work as its central goal. This should not be the only way to read the Bible, but using mission as a hermeneutic for interpreting Scripture could help us to better understand how we ought to do missions.

“A Sacrifice Well Pleasing to God”: John Calvin and the Missionary Endeavors of the Church

What was John Calvin's view on missions? For John Calvin, mission work is rooted in understanding the victorious advance of Christ’s kingdom, means of the extension of Christ kingdom, and motivations for extending Christ’s kingdom. Learning this from Calvin addresses the accusation that he did not have a vision for missions.

To the Ends of the Earth – "For God So Loved the World": John Calvin's Missional Exegesis

In this chapter Haykin reveals John Calvin's approach to Scripture and theology that was clearly pro-missions and pro-evangelism. While Calvin was concerned more directly with purifying the church than initiating a worldwide missions movement, his interpretation of the Bible was consistent with a free proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of the lost.