Covenant of Grace: Chapter 5 – The Covenant of Grace and Public Worship

This article discusses how the doctrine of the covenant of grace impacts worship. It explains that God is with his people in a special way when they are gathered in public worship. Then it outlines the various elements of a Reformed worship service, as well as its structure. The article concludes with questions for reflection and discussion.

Covenant of Grace: Chapter 4 – Our Children in the Covenant of Grace

This article discusses how the covenant of grace relates to the children of believers. It considers whether they belong to the covenant, and if so, how they belong. It explains that they belong, that the promises are theirs as well. The article also reflects on concrete ways we are to raise our covenant children. It goes on to explain the comfort we have when covenant children die: they belong to God forever. The article concludes with questions for reflection and discussion.

The Other Confession of Guido de Brès

Though Lutherans and Reformed believers may have their differences, this article shows that there was a time when they were close allies. It does this by looking at the effort of Guido de Brès in trying to unite the Reformed and Lutherans together, pointing out that when he wrote Article 29 of the Belgic Confession about the false church, Lutherans were not considered as part of this category.