A Future for the HC in Tomorrow's Instruction?

Stating that a catechism must serve the purpose of initiating believers into the theological tradition, teaching the basics of faith, and helping them to defend the faith, this article argues that though the Heidelberg Catechism can stand as a confessional document, the church needs today a new catechism.

A Good Creed Seldom Goes Unpunished

Bridging the gap between those who resist any use of creeds and those who uphold creeds above scripture, this article proposes a healthy way of viewing creeds. The author maintains that creeds should be viewed historically (unifying the church of all times and places) and doctrinally (identifying the cores of the Christian faith). Having this perspective on the creeds, however, does not mean that confessions cannot ever be improved or changed.

A Plea for Creeds

This article links the need for creeds to the biblical call to confess Christ individually and corporately, the work of the Spirit in guiding the church in the truth, and the call to the church to uphold biblical doctrineConfessions are important for the unity of the church, defense of the faith, resolving disputes, catechetical use, and pastoral care. The author calls the church to intentionally use the creeds.