The Marcions Have Landed! A second-century heretic is Dominating Worship and Theology

This article identifies the ancient heretic Marcion as perhaps the greatest influence on today's evangelical church. The church has become practically Marcionite on account of its emphasis on the love of God to the utter ignoring of everything else, its neglect of the Old Testament, and its lack of interest in singing Psalms. The net result is and will be the worship of a God different from that of the Scriptures.

The Holy Spirit and Reformed Spirituality – The Spirit and the Word Incarnate: John Owen's Trinitarian Christology

How should we understand biblical texts that speak of development and struggle in the life of Jesus Christ? Luke 2:40, 52, for example, speak of Jesus growing and maturing, and increasing in favour with both God and man. Hebrews makes it clear that the dynamism of Christ’s life is essential to his role as the believer’s heavenly high priest (Hebrews 2:18, Hebrews 5:14-16).