Should Not, in This Time of Apostasy, the True Church Rather "Repel" Others Instead of "Attracting" Them?

This article looks to cut through the dilemma in the title, showing that a faithful church should do both at the same time. It lays a stress on church discipline, by which it will "repel" some of its own members. And it urges the church never to be "repulsive" to outsiders.

The Second Key: Church Discipline

This article discusses the second key of the kingdom that Christ has entrusted to his church, that of church discipline. It considers how the writings of the church (confessions, liturgical forms, Church Order) repeatedly emphasize the importance of discipline. It goes on to consider what exactly church discipline is, how Scripture speaks about practicing it, and its purpose.

Concerning the Holiness of the Church

Church discipline is one of the keys to maintaining the holiness of the church. In this article, the author looks at the scriptural teaching for the foundation of discipline in the church. Arguing from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, the author states that God has always set ways of maintaining the holiness of the church against the destructive power of sin.