Compassion Must Be Wise

When it comes to deacons needing to showing mercy in the church, are there limits to their compassion? This article offers some principles to help deacons navigate the course of mercy and compassion. Among other things, it calls deacons to keep a biblical perspective on suffering, keep the big picture of stewardship in mind, and not enable fools in their folly.

The Long Pursuit of Holiness

What does it mean to be holy? After offering some brief commentary the biblical concept of holiness, this article specifically calls upon elders to be engaged in the pursuit of holiness in the congregation, for the church is to be holy as God is holy. The author offers some practical ways for elders to do so: expose sins such as bitterness and sexual immorality, and focus on people's heart-priorities.

Discipline: Thoughts on Methodology

What constitutes a biblical, pastoral approach to church discipline? This article establishes that threats that lack preceding instruction and explanation of God's will are unhelpful. The author then provides a set of suggestions for a pastoral approach to discipline: lay a foundation of trust before problems ever arise, make clear what repentance looks like, be persistent, and rejoice when the Lord grants repentance.

Membership in the Local Church: A Biblical Perspective

What does church membership all entail? This article offers some biblical principles: the individual/family thereby expresses willing submission to the local eldership; membership is in the local church, not denomination; membership transfer means requesting release from care of the elders of one church in favour of another; membership involves doctrinal commitment; and it is a visible testimony of commitment.

More Time for Service to the King

How can senior or retired members of the church continue to serve in God's kingdom? What is their task? This article offers advice for elders and deacons on how to use the skills, experience, and abilities of such members for the benefit of the church. It also includes a word to the retired themselves, to encourage and motivate them to carry on with service to the Lord.