The Task of the Deacons for Today

The ministry of mercy is an expression of God's Fatherly care for His church. It has already been modelled by Christ, and the church must follow His example. Therefore, the deacons play a large role in making sure that there is equality in God's church, that all get to live in the joy of the Lord, and that all are comforted under the pressures of sickness, loneliness and poverty.

The Administration of the Ministry of Mercy

The effective administration of the ministry of mercy is dependant on how well the diaconate is organized. The office of deacons is divinely appointed, permanent and ministerial in character. This article discusses how this office should be regulated by looking at the church order, the confessions, and the relationship between deacons and elders. It ends by giving pointers on how to organize the diaconate of the church.