"What Is the Reason for Our Being Afraid to 'Get Out!'? A Lack of Bible Knowledge like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses Have, or Are There Other Reasons?"

This article addresses the title's question by first examining its presuppositions, and indicating that being afraid is not an inherent trait of being Reformed, and that the Reformed are not second to sectarians in Bible knowledge, as the latter do not have real Bible knowledge. Yet the author does identify that often, we as Reformed churches lack an integrated system of training in the truth, which manifests itself in the level of knowledge among professing members, impacting evangelism.

What Is the Mission of the Church – What in the World Does Jesus Send Us into the World to Do?

Chapter 2 wants to answer the question, “What is the church’s mission in the world?” The authors think it best to start with the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19. First, they examine a few other passages that are sometimes understood as offering a fuller mission identity for the church: Genesis 12:1-3, Exodus 19:5–6, Luke 4:16–21.

The Priesthood of All Believers The Understanding of the Concept of the Priesthood of All Believers and its Impact on Evangelism during the Sixteenth Century Reformation

The priesthood of all believers means that believers are to be living sacrifices to God, dedicating their personalities, talents, and property for service to God. This article shows how this concept was implemented during the Reformation for the evangelism task of the church.

What Is the Mission of the Church – A Common Word in Need of a Careful Definition

The following words of Stephen Neill are used to introduce chapter 1: “If everything is mission, nothing is mission.” The chapter wants to introduce the concerns of questions like, What is the mission of the church? Is the mission of the church the same as the mission of God? Should we distinguish between the mission of the church and the responsibilities of individual Christians? Is Jesus’ mission continued by the church?