Delighting in the Law of the Lord – The Source of Law: Humanity or God?

In this chapter the author considers two views on the source of the law. One view is confident that humanity is the only source of law and of the knowledge of good and evil. The other view finds a fountain for the good life for ourselves and society if we turn back to God himself. Law is seen as an expression of the character of God. Questions for personal reflection and group discussion follow at the end of the chapter.

Delighting in the Law of the Lord – The Good Life: Do We Need God's Law Today?

Chapter 1 considers issues like the following: What do you think about the law of God? Do you think that you don’t need laws written thousands of years ago to direct your life? The culture in which we live today claims it knows better about how we should live than people from distant times and different cultures. Our scientific knowledge has advanced so much that it is no longer necessary for us to obey a moral code written in a time of comparative ignorance about human life.