The Urban Face of Mission – Mission, Missions, Theology, and Theological Education

In Chapter 1 the author wants to address the isolation or marginalization of mission from theological training, theology from mission, and the church from the world. Conn offers possible reasons for this separation. He further suggests modifications that are currently being employed, and ends with some practical suggestions to encourage the process of modification.

‘God gave the Holy Spirit’ – the missionary writing of Roland Allen

The major works of Roland Allen is reviewed in this article. Allen (1868-1947) served as a missionary in North China until ill-health sent him home. After a few years in parish ministry, he spent the rest of his life in research and writing. Largely ignored in his lifetime, by the 1960's Allen had become a household name among missiologists.

Creative Tensions in the Mission of the Church

David Bosch developed the concept of "creative tension" in his influential book Transforming Mission. He explores the polarities held in tension when the Church engages in post-modern mission. The influence of Bosch's thinking on others writing on mission and evangelism through the last decade is assessed and the way opposing absolutes can be held together is described.