The "Signs of the Times" (2): Preaching the Gospel to the Nations

One of the signs of the times is the preaching of the gospel. To appreciate the importance of this, the article first looks at the Old Testament anticipation of the universal preaching of the gospel, then considers the New Testament fulfillment of the promise of universal preaching. From there, the author expresses the great responsibility of the church today to preach the Word.

The "Signs of the Times" (3): "And So All Israel Shall Be Saved"

One of the signs of the times leading up to the return of Christ is the preaching of the gospel to the nations. In connection with this, Romans 11 says, "And so all Israel will be saved." How are we to understand this language of "all Israel" being saved? This article searches for the answer by first re­viewing some Old Testament promises regarding the res­toration and salvation of Israel.