Right and Wrong Some scholars deny righteousness through Christ — They err

What does the doctrine of justification mean? This article shows that justification by faith in Christ is rooted in understanding the active obedience and passive obedience of Christ. It gives four principles that govern the explanation of Christ's active and passive obedience. To deny one of them is to deny the biblical teaching on justification.

Kingdom of God or Justification of the Sinner? Paul between Jesus and Luther

Looking at the themes of the kingdom of God and justification, this article looks at the question of the relationship between Paul's and Jesus' preaching. Evaluating the paradigm shift in Pauline studies (e.g., by James Dunn), the author discusses the relationship between the kingdom and individual justification.

Justification and Final Judgment according to Works

What does it mean that believers will be judged by works? This article shows that the believer’s justification and eternal salvation are rooted in the merit of Christ. Therefore there is no room for future justification. Out of his grace God will reward the good works of believers; however, even this remains an act of God’s grace.

The Future of Justification – Introduction

In this volume the author confronts the teaching of N. T. Wright on justification by faith. In the Introduction Piper portrays the view of Wright as “difficult to recognize as biblically faithful.” One of the major concerns is that Wright does not see justification as “how you become a Christian.” Piper formulates eight points in Wright’s reading of Paul that lead to a loss of the historic understanding of justification by faith.