God Is Righteous, Immutable School of Theology Series: Lecture 13

This lecture is about God’s righteousness, justice, and immutability. The author differentiates between God’s retributive righteousness and his remunerative righteousness, evidencing both of these concepts from Scripture. He also roots God’s righteousness in the doctrine of the covenant.

Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul – How the Mighty Have Fallen: From Luther to Schweitzer

This book’s concern is with what has become known as the New Perspective on Paul, which is concerned with Paul's understanding of the lawworks of the law, righteousness, and other related issues. This chapter starts with a history of the study of Paul covering the period from Martin Luther to Albert Schweitzer.

Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes – Justification and Union with Christ

Gaffin reflects in Chapter 11 on John Calvin’s view of justification and union with Christ in Book 3 of his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Gaffin gives a brief overview of the treatment of justification in successive editions of the Institutes from 1536 to 1559.

Good Friday: God's Incomprehensible Love for Lost Sinners

On the day which we call Good Fri­day, at noon, suddenly the light of day faded away. The darkness at noon was specifically for Jesus Christ. Or rather, it was an act of God against Him. This article is about the darkness at the crucifixion and Jesus Christ being forsaken by God. The author also looks at Jesus Christ as our righteousness and Psalm 22.