Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul – How the Mighty Have Fallen: From Luther to Schweitzer

This book’s concern is with what has become known as the New Perspective on Paul, which is concerned with Paul's understanding of the lawworks of the law, righteousness, and other related issues. This chapter starts with a history of the study of Paul covering the period from Martin Luther to Albert Schweitzer.

A Study Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles - Prelude to Pentecost

This commentary on Acts maintains that Luke wrote both the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. In his gospel, Luke focuses on Jesus' ministry on earth. In Acts, Luke continues on by looking at the ministry of the exalted Jesus through His apostles. This chapter is an exegesis of Acts 1. The author also discusses the introductory questions of the book of Acts (author, purpose, date of Acts etc.).