Do New Members Have to Adjust Themselves to Our Reformed Ways, or Do We Have to Adjust Our Church Life to Them?

When new members join a Reformed church, who needs to adjust, they or the church? This article discusses the question, looking at the matter of tradition, and from there demonstrating that it is not always wrong to go against a respectable tradition.

All We Have to Do Is "Sow the Seed"; It Is None of Our Business Whether It Bears Fruit; Harvest Time Comes Later

Is evangelism "sowing" or "harvesting"? This article explains that this can be a false dilemma, that the two ought not to be separated. The Bible gives both tasks to the church, as illustrated from John 4, which shows how the sower and reaper are joined together and rejoice together. And so we are urged to fulfill our evangelistic task well.

Should Not, in This Time of Apostasy, the True Church Rather "Repel" Others Instead of "Attracting" Them?

This article looks to cut through the dilemma in the title, showing that a faithful church should do both at the same time. It lays a stress on church discipline, by which it will "repel" some of its own members. And it urges the church never to be "repulsive" to outsiders.

Is Home Mission the Task, Either of the Special Offices or the General Membership?

This article considers whose responsibility within a congregation is the work of home mission. It shows from Ephesians 4:11-16 that the leadership is to equip the saints to fulfill the task of home mission or evangelism. It does consider the degree to which consistories, and possibly major assemblies, might be involved in the work of evangelism.