Spiritual Maturity: A Rare Yet Essential Requirement for a Healthy Church

The characteristics of a person who is spiritually mature are stability, proper self-esteem, being objective and impartial, the ability to deal with failure, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Spiritual maturity is crucial for the healthy life of the church. Let this article explain.

Affect and Effect: The Significance of a Biblical Spirituality for Christian Ethics in a Secular Age

Secularism and its contribution toward making religion subjective has resulted in emotionalism. This article addresses the restoration of balance between ethics, spirituality and emotion. The author looks at biblical teaching on the relationship between these three things.

Life's Biggest Questions – What Does It Mean to Know and Love God?

A meaningful relationship with God is dependent on knowing God. Love for and knowledge of God go hand-in-hand. The emphasis of this chapter is that loving God means loving truth. It further explains a theological method and process that have as goal to explain how the Christian faith is relevant to different aspects of the Christian life.