God's Glory in Salvation through Judgment – Can the Centre Hold?

Hamilton argues that the centre in Biblical Theology is God, who is both merciful and just. The central theme of Scripture, according to Hamilton, is the glory of God in salvation through judgment. In Chapter 1 he first considers whether there is a centre in Scripture that holds everything in Scripture together.

The Message of the General Epistles in the History of Redemption – An Eternal Inheritance: Salvation in 1 Peter

Crowe explores in Chapter 1 the significance of salvation in 1 Peter. He reflects on the meaning of the believers being called exiles/aliens/sojourners in 1 Peter and Scripture generally. Next he discusses the blessings of salvation. At the end of the chapter he provides some questions for reflection and discussion.

Acting the Miracle – Prelude to Acting the Miracle: Putting Sanctification in Its Place

In the first part of Chapter 1, Piper defines sanctification. In the next part he gives it a place in the order of salvation. He explains that sanctification has to do with being and becoming holy and this is nothing less than a sharing in the holiness of God.