The Elder: Overseer, Shepherd or Coordinator? About the position and task of the elder in the Church

This article asks whether an elder is an overseer, a shepherd or a coordinator and after a survey of both biblical material (Old Testament and New Testament), and study of what John Calvin believed, it concludes that in fact the elder is all three. The burden of the paper is that the elder should be aware of and not neglect his pastoral duties, especially the visitation of the congregation for the spiritual edification of its people.

The Lesson of Four Mirrors Some thoughts about the spirituality of sojourning in the Early Church

Christians are strangers and sojourners in the world. This article paints four pictures to help the reader understand what it was like for the early church Christians to live as sojourners in this world while they suffered under persecution. The author then applies this to Christians living as pilgrims in today's world.