The Church as the Dwelling Place of the Spirit

This article considers what Paul means in Ephesians 2:22 when he speaks of the church as the dwelling place of the Spirit. The author considers the progression in Scripture as to how God lived with his people, climaxing in the Spirit's coming to dwell within his people in the New Testament. The article also presents and critiques the study of W.J. Ouweneel on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Why We Belong – Toward a Theology of the Unity of the Church

This is a book about the unity of the church of Christ, and chapter 1 is a short theology of the unity of the church. This unity is a demonstration of God’s purpose of cosmic unity. The church further displays the unity and uniqueness of God. The gift of unity is on the one hand a mark of the church and on the other hand to be pursued without ceasing.