Revolutions in Worldview – The Hebrew World-and-Life View

The goal of this volume is to present the worldview characteristic of different periods of Western thought. Chapter 2 explores the life and worldview of the Hebrew people of the Old Testament. The main aspect of this worldview is the belief that God revealed himself to his elect people.

Against the Gods – The Birth of the Deliverer

Did the Old Testament make use of the religious ideas of the neighbours of Israel in the ancient Near East? Currid wants to demonstrate that numerous stories from the Old Testament reflect motifs and plots from Israel’s neighbours. In Chapter 6 he considers the possibility that one of these plots about a birth story is borrowed in Exodus 2:1-10.

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament – Genesis

Chapter 1 reads Genesis from a biblical-theological perspective demonstrating what it means to read the Bible to ascertain the main themes and theology of each book while also demonstrating that the Old Testament has a covenantal framework, a kingdom perspective, and Christ at its centre. The author notes the literary structure of Genesis and the importance of the covenants, and conducts a literary analysis to determine the leading theme or motif of Genesis.