The Use of the Scriptures in Ethics and Morals

This article considers how the Word of God is to be used in ethics. It highlights the difficulties that exist in this endeavour, and then proceeds into a discussion on hermeneutics. It provides and analyzes a definition of ethics by Klaas Schilder. From there it considers a number of wrong uses of Scripture, such as biblicism. At its conclusion this chapter calls for maturity and discernment in how the Scriptures are to be used in our ethical reflection.

Faith and Life in All Its Dimensions: The Augustinian Tradition of Abraham Kuyper and Klaas Schilder The Augustinian tradition of Abraham Kuyper and Klaas Schilder

Looking at Augustine and his work on the City Of God, this article shows how he presented the Christian faith as encompassing all of life. The author shows that this aspiration continued in the work of Abraham Kuyper and Klaas Schilder.