Depression and Faith: Can Christian Doctrines Induce Despondency and Depression?

This article looks at the relationship between the Christian faith and depression. Can some Christian doctrines induce depression? The author maintains that even difficult doctrine (such as the doctrine of sin, depravity, and predestination), when preached within the biblical context, cannot cause depression.

Homosexuals in the Congregation: A Plea for Compassion

This article discusses how the church should view and deal with homosexuality. Church members must have a biblical perspective on sin and redemption, as well as a proper understanding of the difference between homosexuality and homophilia. The author outlines a way the church can show genuine love and friendship to the believer struggling with homophilia.

The Office Bearer is Only Human

This article shows that the life of an office bearer plays a huge role in the ministry. Though the ministry is all about God, and the Holy Spirit uses the office bearer to reach out to others, this does not nullify the office bearer's life. The office bearer can use his life as a means to share the gospel in three areas: his relationship with God, himself and others.

Liturgy and the Preaching Roster

Should the church follow the liturgical year in her structuring of liturgy? This article shows that following the liturgical year is not the way to go. Instead, church liturgy can be arranged in such a way that Christian feasts can be accommodated through thematization. This method of following preaching themes can be adopted for catechism classes also. The author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Baptism, Profession of Faith, Lord’s Supper

Young people are ready to make profession of faith when they come to the conclusion that the doctrine of the church is in agreement with God's word. This way of thinking has a bearing on the way catechism is taught. Catechism classes ought to embrace the three forms of unity as expressing the doctrine taught by the church. This article also explores the link between baptism, profession of faith and the Lord's Supper.

The Idea of a Federation

Is a church federation the only way in which churches can show their unity? Looking at the unity of God's people from the Old and New Testament, this article shows that God's people are called to be one. The author traces this expression of church unity through the Reformation, showing that there is a way of acknowledging each other while embracing diversity. There can be "federation of federations".

Two Offices (Elders/Bishops and Deacons) and Two Orders of Elders (Preaching/Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders): A New Testament Study

This article argues for the two offices which Christ has given to His church: the office of elder, comprising of two orders (teaching elder and ruling elder); and the office of deacon.

The Role of Women in the Church: The Magna Carta of Humanity

Does Paul contradict himself about the role of women in the church in Galatians 3:28? This article shows that Paul does not contradict himself. In Galatians he is addressing the question of men and women standing before God in the salvation brought by Christ. This does not change the roles he ascribes to men and women in other Scripture passages.

The Task of the Deacons for Today

The ministry of mercy is an expression of God's Fatherly care for His church. It has already been modelled by Christ, and the church must follow His example. Therefore, the deacons play a large role in making sure that there is equality in God's church, that all get to live in the joy of the Lord, and that all are comforted under the pressures of sickness, loneliness and poverty.

Child Sexual Abuse and the Duty to Report

The church has a duty to report to the law the criminal act of child sexual abuse should it happen in her midst. This article shows that for the protection of the victim, the restoration of the offender, the honour of the church and the glory of God's Name such case must be reported. At the same time, discipline must be administered by the church, since sexual abuse is both a criminal offense and an issue of sin.

The Role of Women in the Church

What role should women play in the church? Surveying the evidence of the Old Testament and New Testament, this article shows that equality and subordination are not opposing principles. The headship of man was instituted by God before the Fall. As a result, women should fight against the desire for leadership in the church, and joyfully take on their God-given role of submission.

The Festive Meal in Christ's Congregation

The Lord's Supper should be celebrated with joy, since in it we experience the presence of Christ, a reminder of the coming feast of the Lamb, and the fellowship of believers. It must be a festive meal, and should have a special place in the liturgy. This article also looks at the celebration of the Holy Communion in the early church and at the time of the Reformation.

Perspective of the Suffering of God's Children

Does God send suffering to His children? In this article the author shows that suffering comes from the providence of God, as He is a loving father to His children. He does this for our good, and we must respond with true hope in Him. This article also denies the claim that suffering happens outside God's providence and that as a result God can only suffer with His children.

The Administration of the Ministry of Mercy

The effective administration of the ministry of mercy is dependant on how well the diaconate is organized. The office of deacons is divinely appointed, permanent and ministerial in character. This article discusses how this office should be regulated by looking at the church order, the confessions, and the relationship between deacons and elders. It ends by giving pointers on how to organize the diaconate of the church.

Redemptive-Historical Preaching Over Against Various Forms of Modern Exemplarism

This article shows the way exemplary preaching does injustice to scripture by discussing its use under liberation theology, theology of revolution, and feminism. The author shows that redemptive historical preaching is what should be emulated by pastors, since it is preaching that truly seeks to do justice to God's revelation throughout history.

Concerning the Holiness of the Church

Church discipline is one of the keys to maintaining the holiness of the church. In this article, the author looks at the scriptural teaching for the foundation of discipline in the church. Arguing from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, the author states that God has always set ways of maintaining the holiness of the church against the destructive power of sin.