Church Boundaries: Keeping Christ Whole!

Regardless of the size of the church, every church within the church federation forms the body of Christ. Therefore, no church should accept members from another church without the consent of the church where the members are coming from. In this way the boundaries of churches in the federation are respected. Looking at Belgic Confession Article 28, this article emphasizes the importance of being a member of your local church.

The Idea of a Federation

Is a church federation the only way in which churches can show their unity? Looking at the unity of God's people from the Old and New Testament, this article shows that God's people are called to be one. The author traces this expression of church unity through the Reformation, showing that there is a way of acknowledging each other while embracing diversity. There can be "federation of federations".

Why a Federation of Churches?

Where does the Bible say that churches must join together in a federation? This article looks at the characteristics of the church (unity, catholicity, apostolicity and holiness of the church) and what this means for churches to form a federation. The author also looks at Scriptural references that are important for church federation, and how the churches in the New Testament lived together in unity.