Church Boundaries: Keeping Christ Whole!

Regardless of the size of the church, every church within the church federation forms the body of Christ. Therefore, no church should accept members from another church without the consent of the church where the members are coming from. In this way the boundaries of churches in the federation are respected. Looking at Belgic Confession Article 28, this article emphasizes the importance of being a member of your local church.

The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting

This article is about the resurrection of the body, when Christ returns. The author also discusses what the nature of the resurrection is and the relation to the renewal of all things. He concludes by discussing questions about the resurrection of the body in instances where the body was destroyed or impaired on earth, or where infants died prematurely. He also answers questions about how we should treat our bodies today, and if we will recognize our body in heaven.