Whose Day Is It? The Case for Attending Public Worship Twice on the Lord’s Day

This article makes a case for attending both worship services on a Sunday. God speaks to his people in public worship, and so we should have a high enough view of preaching that we would never want to miss when God speaks to his people.

Faith and the Arts: Creativity and the Role of the Artist in the Light of the Scriptures

It is not a question of whether Christians should be involved in the arts; they are already. This article looks at man created in the image of God and the gift of creativity. It shows how this must play a role in the production of the arts, as art is a means of communicating the truth.

1 Kings 9-12 - Kingdom of Contradictions: Life in the Solomonic Era

Looking at 1 Kings 9-12, this article shows how Solomon rose to power and brought great blessings of wealth to God's people and the building of the temple. At the same time the life of Solomon is discussed in terms of his faith and life. Prosperity and security are not guarantees of godliness, and idolatry is the decay of society.

Profession of Faith – Not an Initiation Rite

This article shows that just like in the Old Testament it was circumcision that made one a part of God’s people, baptism in the New Testament makes one a member of God’s church. Public profession of faith is a vow of commitment to our Lord as a result of his covenant grace and faithfulness to us, and not a qualification for church membership.

Pulling the Bull Out of the Pit - Reflections on a Career in the Veterinary Profession

What does it mean to be a Christian veterinarian? For the Christian, the veterinary profession is motivated by a sense of stewardship. Here the author discusses modern challenges to this profession, such as animal euthanasia, animal welfare, and evolution theory.

Speaking the Truth From Your Heart

Psalm 15 provides a standard for how Christians ought to speak. In this article, the author shows how Christians can be dishonest through flattery, being disingenuous, and avoiding direct personal talk. Speaking the truth begins with knowing the objective truth; namely, Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus makes us aware that our words are spoken in the presence of God, who judges our hearts.

The Just Shall Live By Faith: The Conversion of Martin Luther

There is no denying that the turning point in Martin Luther's life was his conversion. In this article, the author shows how God in His providence worked in the life of Luther by revealing the darkness in him and bringing him to His light. God then led Luther to write the ninety-five theses and promote the reformation of the church.

1 Corinthians 6:1-10 - Taking a Brother to Court 1 Cor. 6:1-10 on legal disputes between brethren

May a Christian take another Christian to court? This exposition of 1 Corinthians 6:1-10 discusses legal disputes. The author maintains that, as long as they do not include a criminal case, legal disputes must be handled within the church. The author highlights several guidelines around handling these disputes in the church.

Can Anything Good Come From WWW-Land?

There are often two perspectives among Christians regarding the use of the internet: some shun it, while others embrace it. This article shows that the internet has bad and good qualities, and picking one of these extreme stances is not the right approach. Users must simply be discerning when using the internet. In this way it can be used for God's glory and the building of His church.

"Christianity is Antiquated": A Human Response to a Divine Quality

Is Christianity outdated in its answers for mankind's problems? No. God's Word is still relevant, and will remain relevant and true for any age. This is so because the Word depends on God's character, who gave this Word. God's character is eternal, unchanging and true, and therefore His Word is eternal, unchanging and true for all times.

God's Definition of Forgiveness: What if I Do Not Feel Like Forgiving?

Forgiveness is a commitment by the offended to pardon the repentant and be reconciled to that person. Should we just forgive, regardless of how we feel about the situation? This article argues that forgiveness does not depend on how you feel, but on how well you understand your sin. Withholding forgiveness is a serious sin.

Meeting the Challenge of the Teenage Years: Talking With Your Teenagers

Two principles guide parents in how they should talk with their teenagers: teenagers are their children, but they also Lord willing will soon be brothers and sisters in Christ. Parents should keep both of these things in mind in order to develop a strong relationship with their teenagers which is characterized by effective communication.

Retirement: Really...??

Whether young or old, one conviction is common to Christians: they know they are accountable for how they spend all their days. This article discusses how one can spend their retirement in service to Christ. To the Christian, the word 'retire' does not mean much, since they remain in active service to the Lord.The model of six days of work and a Sabbath of rest applies also to retired Christians.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 - Sacrificing Our Liberty for the Sake of the Gospel

What did Paul mean in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 about "becoming all things to all men"? Paul did not mean that we should water down the truth or accept practices that are contrary to scripture. Instead, he was encouraging believers to do everything for the sake of the gospel, even if it means sacrificing personal Christian liberty.