The Eschatological Value of Christ's Heavenly Priesthood in the Theology of Geerhardus Vos

This article looks at the work of Jesus Christ as our High Priest in heaven, and what this means for the fulfillment of God's work and the perseverance of believers. The author specifically discusses the work of Geerhardus Vos on the book of Hebrews in relation to this.

The Church and the World

What is the relationship between the church and world in worship? Should the church's worship resemble what we find in the world? Should the worship service be user-friendly and seeker sensitive? This article engages with the topic, giving special attention to the identities of the church and world, the difference between holiness and worldliness, and how the church must be antithetical to the world.

Women's Ordination, Homosexuality and Abortion (Part 1)

This article looks at the way the Scripture was viewed the past three hundred years, and what this meant for a few important issues in the church. The next article looks at the Biblical view of role distinction between man and woman, the equality and subordination of man and woman, sexual relationships and the order of creation, and abortion.

The Resurrection of the Body and the Life Everlasting

This article is about the resurrection of the body, when Christ returns. The author also discusses what the nature of the resurrection is and the relation to the renewal of all things. He concludes by discussing questions about the resurrection of the body in instances where the body was destroyed or impaired on earth, or where infants died prematurely. He also answers questions about how we should treat our bodies today, and if we will recognize our body in heaven.

The "Signs of the Times" (5): Apostasy

Among the signs of the times leading up to the return of Christ is the is the sign of apostasy and unfaithfulness among the people of God. This article goes into some detail on the scriptural concept of apostasy, considering also whether there will be a period of "great apostasy" before the end. The author then considers the implcations of the sign of apostasy for the church's calling today.

Concomitants of the Second Advent: The Resurrection of the Body

This article discusses the events that will occur concurrent with the return of Christ. It focuses particularly on the resurrection of the body. The author discusses the nature, timing, and author of this resurrection, and addresses some common pastoral questions in relation to this bodily resurrection.

The "Signs of the Times" (3): "And So All Israel Shall Be Saved"

One of the signs of the times leading up to the return of Christ is the preaching of the gospel to the nations. In connection with this, Romans 11 says, "And so all Israel will be saved." How are we to understand this language of "all Israel" being saved? This article searches for the answer by first re­viewing some Old Testament promises regarding the res­toration and salvation of Israel.

The "Signs of the Times" (2): Preaching the Gospel to the Nations

One of the signs of the times is the preaching of the gospel. To appreciate the importance of this, the article first looks at the Old Testament anticipation of the universal preaching of the gospel, then considers the New Testament fulfillment of the promise of universal preaching. From there, the author expresses the great responsibility of the church today to preach the Word.

The Long Pursuit of Holiness

What does it mean to be holy? After offering some brief commentary the biblical concept of holiness, this article specifically calls upon elders to be engaged in the pursuit of holiness in the congregation, for the church is to be holy as God is holy. The author offers some practical ways for elders to do so: expose sins such as bitterness and sexual immorality, and focus on people's heart-priorities.

"Believing without a Doubt All Things Contained Therein": The Reformed Faith and the Inerrancy of Scripture

Is the Bible really inerrant? This article considers whether or not it is Reformed to affirm that the Bible is inerrant. It presents the case against inerrancy, and then observes whether the Reformed confessions affirm inerrancy, as well as the position of the Reformers themselves on this point.

Discipline: Thoughts on Methodology

What constitutes a biblical, pastoral approach to church discipline? This article establishes that threats that lack preceding instruction and explanation of God's will are unhelpful. The author then provides a set of suggestions for a pastoral approach to discipline: lay a foundation of trust before problems ever arise, make clear what repentance looks like, be persistent, and rejoice when the Lord grants repentance.

The Return of Christ: An Event Whose Time No One Knows

Many Christians who have a vested interest in the Bible's teaching about the future also have an impulse to project when the return of Christ will occur. This article considers the biblical passages that speak about the impropriety of this impulse: it considers passages that seem to speak of the imminence of Christ's return, and passages that speak of a delay or extension of the period of timw before his return. It makes clear from Scripture that no one knows the day or hour of Christ's return.

Return of Christ: The Consummating Event at the End of the Age

Will the return of Christ bring history to a close, or will it mark the beginning of a new phase in the history of redemption (i.e. the beginning of the millennium)? This article explains briefly the premillennialist or dispensationalist response to this, and goes on to explain from Scripture that the second coming will be a consummating event at the end of the age.

Membership in the Local Church: A Biblical Perspective

What does church membership all entail? This article offers some biblical principles: the individual/family thereby expresses willing submission to the local eldership; membership is in the local church, not denomination; membership transfer means requesting release from care of the elders of one church in favour of another; membership involves doctrinal commitment; and it is a visible testimony of commitment.

More Time for Service to the King

How can senior or retired members of the church continue to serve in God's kingdom? What is their task? This article offers advice for elders and deacons on how to use the skills, experience, and abilities of such members for the benefit of the church. It also includes a word to the retired themselves, to encourage and motivate them to carry on with service to the Lord.

1994?: Another Misguided Attempt to Date the Return of Our Lord

This article considers the argument used by Harold Camping in the early '90s that the return of Christ would happen in 1994. Camping developed a timetable of redemptive history, beginning with the date of creation and ending with the date of Christ's return. The author discusses what is wrong with the argument, stressing in particular that the Bible makes clear that no one can know the time or date of the second coming.

The Significance of the Canons of Dort for Today: Concluding Observations

What really is the significance of the Canons of Dort for the church today? This article shows that it has much to contribute to the life and ministry of the church: it is unswervingly biblical, it gets at at the heart of the Reformed worldview (namely, the sovereign ini­tiative and grace of God), it encourages a God-centred faith, and it points to God as the only comfort for the believer.