The Eschatological Value of Christ's Heavenly Priesthood in the Theology of Geerhardus Vos

This article looks at the work of Jesus Christ as our High Priest in heaven, and what this means for the fulfillment of God's work and the perseverance of believers. The author specifically discusses the work of Geerhardus Vos on the book of Hebrews in relation to this.

The Significance of the Canons of Dort for Today Sovereign Grace, Human Responsibility and "Cheap" Grace

This article considers the value of the Canons of Dort for today. It explains that the Canons are helpful for understanding the relationship between divine sovereignty and human responsibility. The author discusses modern issues like the lordship salvation controversy, as well as the meaning of cheap grace.

Should We Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Is it appropriate for Christians to participate in Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday? This article contends that we should only do so for very weighty theological reasons. The author explains with three points why thankfulness should be at the centre of our relationship with God: gratitude restrains sin, thankfulness to God sets believers apart from the unbelieving world, and Scripture repeatedly calls for giving thanks to God.

Supra, Infra, and Biblical Theology

This article is about supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism and the decrees of God. It makes the case that supralapsarianism is less consistent with the biblical-theological eschatology principle, in that it makes creation a means to redemption. The author also offers a possible modification of infralapsarianism, to address the objection that it fails to do full justice to the glory and sovereignty of God.