Bringing Heaven Down to Earth – Lost in the Cornfield: Hope in Crisis

This volume is about Christian hope. Part of the Christian hope is heaven. The promise of an afterlife in heaven places our lives in a larger context, to fix us to a firm foundation. Bierma takes a look at the reasons why hope for the afterlife is not a heartfelt reality in our daily walk. Part of the answer can be found in misrepresentations people have about heaven and afterlife and Christ’s return, like the rapture.

The Glory of Heaven – Heaven Is Real; Hallucinations Are Not

Chapter 2 addresses man’s ill-motivated interest in heaven, angels, and the afterlife. Much of this interest flows from gullible superstition, Gnosticism, occultism, or New Age philosophies. The author examines popular claims to near-death experiences, including Todd Burpo’s claims to being a visitor to heaven.