This article offers seven ideas for living out your faith in your business.

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Faith at Work: Integrating Faith and Leadership

Keeping Biblical values at the forefront of all you do can be a challenge. In fact, we believe it is one of the most persistent challenges a Christian business owner will face. Many leaders readily admit that they feel strong in their faith on Sunday, but come Monday the focus shifts, and God’s priorities seem to become an afterthought. If you are looking for ways to live out your faith in your business, consider these ideas for a successful workplace ministry.

1. Create a Culture of Transparency: If you have a desire to run your business from a Biblical standpoint, communicate that with your staff. Be open and honest about your convictions so that others understand your purpose. As the leader of your company, it is important to speak truth into the lives of those you encounter.

2. Lead with a Christian Mission Statement: Often, your mission statement is one of the first things your prospective employees and customers read. Let that important statement acknowledge your Christian values. Your mission statement not only lets others know your purpose, but it keeps you on track. Create one that is God-honoring and inspiring to others.

3. Integrate Christian Values: Values are at the core of your business operations. Do yours reflect Christian ethics? Think about how you deal with money, how you treat people, and the quality of your products. Consult scripture for wisdom in these areas and integrate the values into your company’s culture.

4. Create a Ministry Fund: If you lead the way, your employees will get into the spirit of giving. Create a ministry fund for local charities, fellowship housing, or even for employees in times of need. This creates a sense of unity and purpose for your team, and shows them that you are willing to share the fruits of your business.

5. Share Messages of Truth: There are many ways to point others to Christ through your company. Consider keeping a Bible in your lobby, taking prayer requests, or hosting a weekly Bible study for employees. You can also share Scripture with your customers through your website, marketing materials, and company vehicles.

6. Hire a Corporate Chaplain: Corporate chaplains are comforters, pastors, teachers, and counselors that demonstrate God’s grace and love in ministering to your employees. A chaplaincy program helps people discover spiritual resources during times of hardship and points them to Christ. Making this investment shows your team that you are care about their lives.

7. Communicate at Company Gatherings: Company gatherings, meetings, or holiday parties are excellent opportunities to reinforce your Christian mission. Use this time to lead the group in prayer, share a story about a mission trip, or invite others to share messages of the Gospel in action.

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