Should We Not First Have a Good, Reformed, Theory on Evangelism before We Practice It?

This article looks at a couple of example in order to cut through the dilemma sounded in the title. It shows that a church's practice of evangelism ought not to wait until its theory is perfected, because that may never happen.

Should Evangelism Be "Intentional" or "Unintentional"?

This article considers the question of whether or not evangelism ought to be organized, and shows this to be a false dilemma. There are forms of evangelism that do call for some amount of organization. Yet the author is careful to point out certain dangers, including that these forms can lead to the general membership delegating the personal calling of witnessing to Christ.

Is Home Mission the Task, Either of the Special Offices or the General Membership?

This article considers whose responsibility within a congregation is the work of home mission. It shows from Ephesians 4:11-16 that the leadership is to equip the saints to fulfill the task of home mission or evangelism. It does consider the degree to which consistories, and possibly major assemblies, might be involved in the work of evangelism.